Long Live The Chupacabra

by Lechuguillas

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released November 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Lechuguillas Austin, Texas

Imagine a pack of oil soaked rats squealing together as they jerkingly creep towards you. You are paralyzed, laying on the floor, and you look delicious.

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Track Name: We Bring Black Death
Wages of fear
Are nothing compared
To cancer carried cargo

From fireside to cooler
Blackbirds sing their songs of
Of surrendered labor, of surrendered labor


I've seen your evil intentions
And I am a slave

Now this strange fruit
How it grows from it's
Dirty fucking roots

It's endless, endless, endless, etc.
This is fucking endless
Track Name: Kip
Kip the Almighty
Will fall to his knees tonight
And he will beg

Nothing to show
Nothing to hide
He will laugh until he cries

He will strut around town tonight
To watch his house burn down to the ground

Someone's going to die tonight
Someone's gonna die tonight

We are here
'Til you die
Hold my hand
Watch her cry

We are here
'Til you die
Hold my hand
Watch her cry
Track Name: Oppenheimer Blues
Get the fucking diamonds

Miners are martyrs dying for your fucking sins
Track Name: The Butcher
This is our crusade for destruction
He's the one that needs the guns
Yeah Ned Ludd's the one that needs the guns
Yeah 'cause this is war
This is war
This is war
Track Name: Slug
I've spent countless winters
Watching sun dried juveniles explode
In front of starved but throwed fishermen
In front of starved but throwed fishermen

Dragging sagging noses behind them
Oozing mother's homemade jelly on the fucking floor
Oozing mother's homemade jelly on the fucking floor
Oozing it on the fucking floor

Without the slightest attempt to
Join us
Join us
Join us
Track Name: Mark Twain, The Last Man
God the all-terrible
Thou who ordainest
Thunder thy clarion
And lightning thy sword!
I come from the throne
Bearing a message from almighty god

O lord our god
Help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our fucking shells
And help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead;

Help us to drown the thunder of our guns with the sounds of their wounded, writhing in pain
Help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief;

Lord blast their lives
And bitter their hopes
Protract and protract and protract, their bitter pilgrimage
And water their way
With their tears
And stain the snow stain the snow stain the snow with the blood of their wounded feet


George Bush
War Hero
George Bush
War Hero

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